Gambling Addiction Rehab in Durban

Gambling addiction is regarded as a behavioral addiction; it may eventually cause significant financial troubles, issues at work, dysfunctional family relationships, and even suicidal thoughts. The amount of money problem gamblers spend exceeds their loss capacity. It takes the place of all other interests in life and is no longer merely for enjoyment. Betting has become a compulsion, and the gambler is constantly thinking about their next wager and how they can increase their bankroll. Family issues exist as a result of disputes, fabrications, and the gambler’s denial. It’s typical to feel guilty and ashamed as well as unhappy. The gambler experiences loneliness and despair.

Now is a good time to reach out to family and friends and tell them you need help. With help, you can get better.

Depression and Problem Gambling

Anxiety disorders, such as depression, and compulsive behaviors like gambling are all too common. Gambling, for example, may be a kind of escapism for people suffering from depression since it provides a sense of exhilaration and excitement. The extreme pressures that problem gambling can generate, such as strain on relationships, financial difficulties, lying, and secrecy, sometimes lead to depression in those who have it.

Gambling and suicide

At an alarming percentage, gambling addiction and suicidal thoughts co-occur. Comparing the prevalence of these co-occurring disorders, statistics on gambling and suicidal ideation indicate that nearly one in five individuals evaluated for suicidal ideation matched the criteria for gambling addiction. Another study on the link between compulsive gambling and suicidal ideation indicated that nearly half of compulsive gamblers also had suicidal thoughts.

Seek immediate assistance for gambling problem

ARCA gambling addiction rehab in Durban offers 14-day outpatient treatment and 14-day inpatient treatment that includes psychosocial therapies and medication. ARCA gambling addiction rehab in Durban also offers social work intervention for the patient and their families.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Get in touch with us if you have any questions regarding our gambling treatment program.

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