Yes, as addiction is classified as a medical disease, and hence falls under category of “prescribed minimal benefits” most medical aids cover this cost. We will get the necessary authorization from your medical aid society.
Yes, various components of our program can be done on an out -patient basis, or at times to suit individual needs.
The intensity and duration of treatment offered at ARCA does not fit the requirement imposed by insurance. We do not place any limits on the individual, group and family sessions and psychiatric visits and these services are offered for the full six-month duration. ARCA however will provide an itemized bill for you to claim reimbursement. The amount of reimbursement is based on the type of policy and the services used.
Addictive disorders impact the patient and their families in multiple ways. Measuring success is not just helping patients get off the alcohol or drugs. At ARCA we measure success by looking at several parameters including sobriety, family and social relationships, work and educational functioning and developing recovery support.
The medication used presently is radically different from the older medication. These medications are neither non-addicting or have a very low abuse potential and are generally taken for a 3 – 6 month period – long enough for the brain to heal from the effects of the drugs and alcohol. Some medication can be taken for a longer time to protect the patients from relapsing.
Addiction is a ’brain’ disease that affects the pleasure system. There is complex interaction of messenger chemicals, receptors, memory, motivation and emotions. This understanding has led to the development of highly effective medications that when combined with behavioral therapies, restore the disruption caused by drugs and alcohol.
ARCA rehabs is a private treatment centre so unfortunately we cannot offer free treatment.

For patient inquiries and progress reports please contact the case manager during office hours on 0312615515.

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