The Role of Occupational Therapists in Drug Rehab

At ARCA Drug Rehab, occupational therapists are an integral part of the treatment programmes offered to clients with substance use disorder. These therapists assist clients in regaining their physical, mental, and emotional functioning and achieving long-term recovery through individualised treatment plans, meaningful activities, and therapeutic interventions.

Education, Evaluation and Therapy Techniques of Occupational Therapists at ARCA Drug Rehab

The occupational therapists at ARCA Drug Rehab provide education, evaluation, and therapy techniques to aid in the recovery of clients with substance use disorder. They inform clients and their families about the benefits of occupational therapy and modify their treatment plans based on ongoing evaluations to ensure effective treatment. Additionally, therapists like Nazmeera Mahomed provide both group and one-on-one therapy using a range of techniques, including the Ergoscience Protocol and standardized testing procedures.

Occupational Therapist at ARCA Drug Rehab

Interventions provided by occupational therapists at ARCA Drug Rehab may include teaching clients new skills or adapting activities to meet their abilities. Therapeutic activities, such as art, music, or exercise, may also be used to help clients manage stress, improve mood, and develop healthy coping mechanisms. Additionally, occupational therapists collaborate closely with other members of the rehabilitation team to ensure that clients receive comprehensive care that addresses all aspects of their recovery.

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