Qualifications: M(Psy), currently in the process of completing my PHD. In Consulting Psychology.

Registered: Psychologist

Areas of Interest: I am in private practice. My areas of interest include Substance abuse, HIV/ AIDS, Trauma Counselling, Depression and Employee wellness management. I am also involved in lecturing Psychology Modules. Supervision and mentoring of Masters students internships.

I have been employed at ARCA since April 2011. Hence I have vast experience in the field of addiction.

Duties: Involved in the screening, diagnosis and management of the patient. Furthermore, I also conduct individual, group and exit interview sessions with family members of the patient. Over the years I have also been involved in the facilitation and conducting of outpatient and family support groups. At ARCA, the emphasis is on a multidisciplinary approach, inclusive of a team of Medical Doctor, Psychiatrists, Social Workers, and Nursing Staff. Forth nightly clinical meetings are also held to closely monitor patient progress.

Importance of the role of psychology in Addiction treatment:

Even if the patient’s addiction originates from some biological; process, recovery from substance abuse requires the patient to become motivated to make significant changes. Addictions like drug addictions, for example, are fundamentally a behaviour. Hence, psychology is a science that studies human behaviour. Common techniques used, although not inclusive, include cognitive behavioural therapy, motivational interviewing and dialectical behaviour.

ARCA stands out from other Rehab Centres, with their hands-on approach to treatment from the moment the patient enters the doors of ARCA until their exit, In addition, the prevailing atmosphere evokes a home away from home feeling.