ARCA’s Detoxification Medication

Naltrexone reduces relapse into heavy drinking and is highly effective in patients. Naltrexone should only be used if the detoxification has already been done. At the brain’s receptor sites, it blocks the effects of drugs like opioids. According to studies, once treatment is initiated, an extended-release Naltrexone formulation is effective in treating many addictions. It can be hard to initiate treatment among active users but after detoxification, then the detox medication has similar effectiveness.

Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is a disease that is compulsive, uncontrollable, and chronic. The addicted person uses drugs despite knowing the harmful consequences he will have to face that cause physical and mental changes. These changes in the brain are the ones that lead to harmful behaviours which can easily be seen in people who use drugs. It can also be considered a relapsing disease i.e. if the person tries to stop drug use, he again returns to its use due to strong cravings towards that drug.

It might be a time-pass activity at the start. However, taking the drug becomes compulsive after some time. This is due to long-term exposure to drugs. It has an effect on brain function. Addiction not only affects the brain but also behaviour.

Drug Addiction Treatment

The drug addiction treatment is not simple. As addiction is a chronic disease, it is not easy to just stop taking the drugs for a few days and that’s it. No, addicted people can’t simply be cured this way. Long-term and repeated care is needed to completely get rid of it and recover. Drug addiction treatment helps addicted people to:

  •  Stop the use of drugs anymore
  • Living a drug-free life
  • Stay dynamic at work, in society, and also in the family activities.
  • Successful Drug Addiction Treatment Options

After research and practical experiences, it has been found that many options have been successful in treating drug addiction. These are as follows:

  • Medication
  • Behavioural counselling
  • Use of medical applications as well as devices to treat withdrawal symptoms. Additionally, these devices or applications do deliver skills training.
  • Evaluation and then treatment for mental health problems like depression and anxiety.
  • Long-term follow-up action to avoid relapse

In simple words, it can be said that care with a personalised treatment program along with the follow-up options can really make things happen for addicted persons. The treatment must include both medical as well as mental health services.

Effective Treatment – Key Principles

Based on scientific research, the following principles form the effective treatment program:

  • Addiction affects behaviour as well as the function of the brain. It is not a simple disease. However, it can certainly be treated.
  • The right treatment varies from person to person or case to case. That is why no single treatment can be considered as the best for everyone.
  • People should start treatment quickly.
  • What effective treatment does is not just address the patient’s drug use but also their needs.
  • It is very important to stay in the treatment long-term.
    Other forms of treatment like counselling as well as behavioural therapies need to be used.
  • Medications along with behavioural therapies do work perfectly.
  • Treatment plans need to be modified to address the changing needs of the patient.
  • Mental disorders should also be addressed in the treatment.
  • Detoxification is an important and very first stage of treatment.
  • The monitoring of drug use must be ensured constantly during the treatment process.

Use of Medications in Drug Addiction Treatment

Medications are very important to prevent relapse, manage withdrawal symptoms, and treat conditions that are likely to occur again. During detoxification, medications hold back the withdrawal symptoms as well as relapse.

ARCA Detoxification Treatment Program

The ARCA Detoxification treatment is an FDA approved medication that is used to treat alcohol and drugs. This great program offers the best way to quit addiction without any side effects. The program offers a medical Detoxification that is very effective and works perfectly well. Professional medical staff are there to monitor every step of the overall treatment.

Why Choose The ARCA Rehabilitation Program?

The ARCA Rehabilitation Program has a number of unique benefits. The family life of the addicted person is not really disturbed along with guaranteed privacy. The staff are professional as well as fully trained and qualified. Another great thing is that the program can be customised to suit each and every patient’s needs. Additionally, the ARCA Rehabilitation Program is very cost-effective.

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