ARCA Drug Rehab in Durban

ARCA Drug Rehab in Durban believes that a successful programme must provide you or your loved one with a safe, supportive, and fun atmosphere. Treatment in a more intimate and private atmosphere puts patients at ease and gives them a greater sense of agency. In order to help you or a loved one achieve their goals, we have developed a programme that allows us to devote the time and attention necessary.

Come and See for Yourself

Come see us in person if you’d want to discuss your options for overcoming your addiction and reclaiming your life. Visit us in Berea, Durban, at our rehabilitation facility. We will give you an initial and complete examination, as well as give you a presentation on the programmes we have on offer, and answer any questions that you may have. We’ll give you a tour of our facility, and you’ll be able to speak with other patients to learn about their experiences

If you opt to enrol in one of our programmes and are accepted by our admissions team, we will then provide you with a date for your detoxification.

For two major reasons, detox is a vital aspect of addiction treatment. Second, it removes all traces of narcotics and/or alcohol from the user’s system, allowing the user to begin physical recovery. Second, it’s critical to have a clear brain when preparing to begin the psychological rehabilitation process. For long-term addiction treatment, detox is the ideal way to stabilise one’s mental state before beginning the therapeutic portion of the process.


Yes, you can ask for help. Addiction and mental health disorders are handled by a team of psychiatrists, medical, nursing, and health care specialists at ARCA drug rehab in Durban. It is critical to understand that addiction is not a straightforward issue and that the issue is not with the individual’s preferred drug. Addiction is a symptom of a number of character flaws, and these flaws must be addressed before a person may overcome their addiction.