Addiction To Amphetamines

Are you worried that you or someone close to you is addicted to amphetamines? Help is at hand. Here we tell you about amphetamines, what to look out for and how we can get you or a loved one the best possible treatment.

What is amphetamine addiction?

Amphetamines are known on the street as “speed”. They include such drugs as amphetamines such as amphetamine sulfate, Dexedrine, and dexamphetamine. Amphetamines are stimulants that keep users awake and alert. Users feel excited and exhilarated and have increased confidence. Effects can last for up to six hours and are usually followed by a long, slow come-down. Amphetamines are usually taken orally in tablet form but can also be injected. Alternative names for amphetamines include whizz, dexies, base, and billy. Users can easily get addicted to speed as tolerance develops; the more frequently amphetamines are taken, the more will be needed to get the same buzz.

A key warning sign of using speed is dilated pupils. Also look out for signs of a come-down: mood swings, depression, tiredness, violence. Excessive use can lead to headaches, dizziness, nausea, blurred vision, poor coordination, and irregular breathing and heartbeat. It takes a toll on the immune system and can also result in psychological illnesses, such as paranoia and psychosis. Amphetamines put a strain on the heart and are very dangerous for those with high blood pressure or heart conditions. Taking amphetamines with alcohol or anti-depressants can be fatal. Overdose can lead to coma, seizures, or even death.

Treating amphetamine addiction

Treatment should start with detoxing in a medically supervised environment. Anti-depressants may be prescribed to help the individual cope with withdrawal symptoms such as anxiety and depression. Detox should be followed by a therapeutic rehab program that teaches users about their addiction, helps them to uncover psychological issues and gives them strategies to cope with life without speed. The relapse rate for amphetamine addiction is high and this makes follow-up treatment essential. At Addiction Helper, we’ll give you and your family all the advice and support you need for a healthy recovery. For the treatment of amphetamine contact ARCA Rehabs.